RenoMark Renovation Awards
Victoria Inn
May 4, 2017

THE MANITOBA HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION is always pleased to partner with Home Decor & Renovations magazine to feature the entrants in the RenoMark Renovation Awards. On the following pages, readers will be able to see pictures and descriptions of the projects that have been entered in this years’ showcase. Entries are featured in six different categories – Additions, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Exteriors, Whole House and Basement. As one can see from the entrants appearing in this magazine, each project is spectacular.

We are featuring 31 different projects by 10 outstanding MHBA RenoMark renovators; renovators who follow the highest professional standards in Canada. These projects will undoubtedly provide you with the direction you need to better pursue your renovation or, at the very least, start you thinking about what you could be doing to upgrade your home.

This issue of Home Décor & Renovations is always very popular because readers see what has been done in other houses and then develop ideas of what could be in their home. These are real projects completed by professional renovators in homes in nearby neighbourhoods. I encourage everyone to study these renovation projects carefully and then think about what could and should be done in your own home. Everybody has something that they have been longing to improve in their kitchen. Bathrooms are being updated and modernized for comfort and practicality on a regular basis. Many of us love our neighbourhood and love our house, but we also need change.

Those colours from 20 years ago just don‘t cut it today. Traffic flow is encumbered by a bevy of walls and rooms. It’s time to open things up. There’s a reason no one goes down into the basement. Cooking is a chore in a room that stifles creativity. An addition is like creating a whole new living space; a whole new lifestyle.

If you’re considering a renovation, look to the standards and practices of a professional RenoMark renovator. The Code of Ethics and tips on what to look for when hiring a renovator can be found at the web site and also on the renovator section of the Manitoba Home Builders Association web site at Insist on the quality, professionalism and knowledge that come with a RenoMark renovator; your assurance of quality.

Enjoy looking at all of the entrants in this year‘s RenoMark Renovators Awards and, of course, all of the articles featured in the magazine. Your next renovation project may just be on the following pages.

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