By Lanny McInnes

Ongoing professional development is a key piece of what differentiates a Manitoba Home Builders’ Association member from other residential construction companies in Manitoba.

MHBA builder and renovator members keep up-to-date with current information and trends, the latest best practices and the newest building technologies that help ensure their work is of the highest quality.

The MHBA’s annual Housing Forum and Trade Show provides MHBA builder and renovator members with a full day of education and training sessions. Improving environmental safety during construction; minimizing issues when installing HRV ventilation systems; and an exploration of the different building envelope, mechanical and renewable energy systems required to achieve a net-zero energy rating in the challenging Manitoba context are just some of the many sessions available to MHBA members at this year’s forum, which takes place Nov. 6. MHBA members can also attend information sessions that share marketing and human-resource tips and expertise. Through the trade show, MHBA members also experience cutting-edge building technology and the newest in building materials.

In addition to the annual forum, the MHBA provides ongoing education sessions throughout the year and continually shares the latest in industry best practices and information with our membership. The forum and our educational sessions are a key component of our Master Builder and Master Renovator certification programs. The MHBA Master Builder and Master Renovator certification programs allow builders and renovators to demonstrate compliance with high standards established by a credible third party.

The program ensures an ongoing commitment to continuing education by requiring all certified builders and renovators to enrol in suitable courses related to building and business practice, so you can have peace of mind that your new home or renovations are in the best hands. A minimum number of hours of professional development must be completed every year to keep the designation current. Credit for professional development can be earned either through attending seminars offered in the MHBA’s continuing-education calendar and attending other approved business sessions.

MHBA builders and renovators are committed to professional development and being up-to-date with the latest trends in residential construction. Our members build to the highest standards and are continually integrating the latest industry standards into their work. So, when you see the MHBA logo, you know you are dealing with a company dedicated to quality.

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