Don’t miss next Saturday’s Homes section of the Winnipeg Free Press, where this year’s RenoMark Renovation Award winners will be announced.

By: Lanny McInnes

Next week, the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association is hosting its annual RenoMark Renovation Awards. These annual awards showcase the best of the best renovation projects undertaken in Manitoba over the past year.

Entries are featured in seven different award categories — additions, kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors, whole house, outdoor structure and basement. Each project nominated for the RenoMark Renovation Awards is a stunning display of what professional renovators can do in terms of updating and upgrading your home.

This year, a record 76 different projects by 18 outstanding MHBA RenoMark renovators were nominated for awards. These local renovation projects can provide a great example of what could and should be done in your own home.

Watch for the winners to be announced in next Saturday’s Homes section of the Winnipeg Free Press.

Projects done by Manitoba renovators have also been recognized as some of the best in Canada this year. Make it Home Ltd., from Winnipeg, has been nominated as a finalist for the Canadian Home Builders’ Association National Awards for Housing Excellence in the “whole house renovation under $150,000” category for one of its amazing projects.

Being recognized as having done one of the best renovations in Canada over the past year is a tremendous accomplishment and showcases the great work done by professional renovators right here at home.

Everybody has something they have been longing to improve in their kitchen. Bathrooms are being updated and modernized for comfort and practicality on a regular basis. Many of us love our neighbourhood and love our house, but we also need change. Maybe the colours and styles from 10 years ago just don’t cut it today. You may feel traffic flow and entertaining guests is encumbered by a bevy of walls and rooms and it’s time to open things up. Maybe there’s a reason no one goes down into the basement anymore. Or maybe you need more room for a growing family. An addition is like creating a whole new living space — a whole new lifestyle for your family without the hassles associated with moving.

If you’re considering a renovation, look to the standards and practices of a professional RenoMark renovator. MHBA renovators follow the highest professional standards in Canada.

The Code of Ethics and tips on what to look for when hiring a renovator can be found at the MHBA website at homebuilders.mb.ca. You can find great tips, videos and a full listing of our renovator members by visiting and clicking on the “Renovating your home?” button.

When undertaking a major renovation, always insist on the quality, professionalism and knowledge that come with a RenoMark renovator.