There are many great reasons why now is the right time to build a new home in Manitoba.


1. Great rates.
Despite recent interest rate increases and additional changes, mortgages remain very reasonable and carrying a mortgage continues to be easier today than ever before. In fact, it would have cost you more to carry a $200,000 mortgage in 1981 than it does to carry a $500,000 mortgage today.

2. Manitoba homes have value.
Home values in Manitoba continue to increase annually, demonstrating healthy returns on investment in each new built Manitoba home.

3. Investing in your family’s future.
Not only is your new home a financial investment, it is a lifestyle investment too. By building a new home in a new neighbourhood, you are choosing new schools and community clubs for your children, new shopping centres and green spaces to explore and opportunities to meet new people.

4. Less risk.
With an extremely low inflation rate and Manitoba’s economic stability, you are better able to financially plan your family’s future. Your investment in a new built home is secure.

5. Energy efficient.
The industry Technical Research Committee consistently rates Manitoba new homes among the most energy efficient in Canada. Manitoba’s building practices ensure lower monthly energy bills and less impact on the environment.

6. Low greenhouse gas emissions.
Homes built today have 31.3% less emissions, requiring less than half the energy of older homes to heat and cool despite larger-sized rooms. Building a new home allows you to install the very best energy efficient systems during construction.

7. Healthy home.
Today’s homes are built to standards that ensure a cleaner, healthier environment for new home buyers and their families. Tougher safety standards and more efficient building products mean better air flow and quality.

8. Your home, your way.
One of the key benefits to building a new built home is that you can choose exactly what you want. With a new built home you can have everything just the way you want it.

9. Less upkeep.
New built homes do not require the upkeep of older homes; many are built with low or no-maintenance materials. Less maintenance means more time to enjoy your new home.

10. Lifestyle
New built homes are designed for the way we live today, with open plans and large family rooms, easy flow for entertainment and space to grow.