The Manitoba Home Builders’ Association (MHBA) always likes to provide tried and true tips for parade veterans and rookies alike on how to make the most of your time visiting our great show homes:

TIP #1 – Map a strategy

If you have a particular destination site, make sure you look for additional homes along the way to visit. Many of the locations are in close proximity to each other, and it’s easy to get to a number of them in one tour. Bring along your parade magazine or follow the listings on your smartphone.

TIP #2 – Wear comfortable slip-on shoes

There are 138 stunning new homes available to visit in this fall’s parade. Although you likely won’t get to all of them, you will find yourself trying to get to as many as possible. Most of the new neighbourhoods have multiple homes being shown, so you will probably park in one location and walk to all of the homes in that area. Upon entering each new home, you must take off your street shoes in order to walk through and tour the home. Given that some subdivisions have more than 10 homes open for viewing and you don’t want to miss a thing, that’s a lot of bending and lacing. Therefore, be sure to wear a comfortable walking shoe that easily slips on and off. It will make your visit that much more enjoyable.

TIP #3 – Visit different neighbourhoods

Finding the right home layout and design is extremely important when deciding to build a new home, but so is finding the neighbourhood that’s right for you. The parade is a great chance to explore our newest communities and developments. Each one has unique features and amenities. Ask the agents about the community’s development plan. Visiting multiple neighbourhoods also lets you see a wider variety of show homes, too.

TIP #4 – Talk to the agents

The sales agents know their show homes. Ask them about anything — unique features, energy savings, specific materials and what makes a particular home special. These individuals are a wealth of knowledge and will make your visit interesting and informative.

TIP #5 – Don’t forget the one-offs

While the parade features a variety of neighbourhoods that have multiple show homes for viewing, make sure you visit those areas with a single or just a few listings. There are entire new neighbourhoods to discover, and builders with unique designs. That hidden gem might just be your next new home.

TIP #6 – Have fun

The Parade of Homes is an enjoyable three weeks where you can see the latest and greatest in new homes. You can go as fast or slow as you want, taking in the big picture or concentrating on a detail. You can visit each home as often as you want, so as not to miss a thing. It’s all about what interests you.

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