December Featured Member: All Canadian Renovations

Check out this interview with Curtis Breslaw (President of All Canadian Renovations), to learn more about this months featured member!
Company:  All Canadian Renovations
Representative:  Curtis Breslaw (President)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 204-799-6900

Twitter: @allcanadianreno

How long has your company been in business?

We opened our doors in 2002!

What services do you offer?

We offer full-service renovations – kitchens, bathrooms, basements, room by room renovations, whole house renovations, additions, windows, doors, exterior work, aging in place home modifications

Describe your team in 3 words.

“Simply The Best”

How has the pandemic impacted your business and how have you adapted?

When the pandemic first hit – we were in a sense of “limbo” – we weren’t sure what the future would bring. That lasted about 5 days… Since then – we have been incredibly busy. Our calendar is so full – we are booking any new project starts into 2024!

At the start of the pandemic, we implemented new safety procedures that included the use of masks, hand sanitizer, proper cleaning/disinfecting of tools, work areas, etc… If one of our employees wasn’t feeling well, they stayed home. We provided Covid test kits to our employees (if they needed them). We also ensured our clients that we have adapted to what was “the new normal” and we took everyone’s safety and health very seriously.

What is your company’s greatest achievement?

Honestly – it’s difficult to pick just one thing. I personally feel that our greatest achievement is providing our clients with amazing renovation projects – the smiles, and the happiness that we bring to our clients is so rewarding – that in itself is such a huge achievement for us! Hearing from our clients after we have completed a project for them – and asking us to tackle another project, or the numerous referrals we get – those things are just some of our “greatest achievements”

What us your business goal for 2022?

To keep trudging forward with our heavy workload, keep providing amazing renovations to our many clients, expand our team (as we are growing), and possibly look into some other business ventures!

How long have you been a MHBA member & what type of membership?

We have been a renovator member for 18 years!

Why did you decide to join the MHBA?

We have always been members – the previous owners of All Canadian joined as soon as they were eligible. Being a member of such a prestigious organization certainly gives our business instant credibility and legitimacy!

What is the best part about being a MHBA member?

Meeting with fellow renovators who have similar philosophies as we do – bringing value to clients, eliminating the negative stigma associated with contractors, the social gatherings, networking with other like-minded individuals in our industry

What is your favourite MHBA event? Why?

The Chairs reception, RenoMark Awards Night, MHBA Meet and Greet – all events are great, actually!

How has being an MHBA benefited your business?

Being a member shows potential clients the difference in the level of service we provide vs. the “truck and ladder” guys. There is a certain level of professionalism, and prestige that comes with being a member – and our clients certainly appreciate that! That alone – has certainly benefitted our business!

What is your favourite project that your company has done?

Oh wow – there are so many. One that comes to mind is a basement reno we did a few years ago in a home that was over 100 years old. A huge house – built by what we think was a commercial builder (based on the steel beams in the basement and concrete ceiling!). We converted a very old space into an absolutely stunning rec room – the work included restoring a wood burning fireplace into a properly functioning unit (even sourcing bricks from a scrap yard that matched perfectly), we also restored a vinyl bar, and one of our crew members built a custom oak top and custom oak shelving for behind the bar. The entire project turned out even better than I could have imagined! (Here’s the link to that project on our website!

What advice would you give to a business just starting out in your industry?

Maintain your integrity. Always look after the customer. Hire good quality people (both in the field and in your office) – and when you are eligible – join the MHBA!

Anything else you would like to share about your company?

We have recently partnered with The Mike Holmes Group of Companies – and we are proud to announce that we are Manitoba’s only “Holmes Approved Renovator”. A designation that we, and Mike Holmes, are very proud of! Mike will only offer this designation to one company in Manitoba – and we are honoured to have met his qualifications and standards for this prestigious designation. Because of this, The Mike Holmes Inspection Company inspects each of our projects to make sure that they are being renovated to his standards.

Thank you to Curtis Breslaw and All Canadian Renovations for participating in our Monthly Member Profile interview. Stay tuned to see who next month’s featured member will be! #MHBAMembersMatter