Due to the increased threat of the omicron variant of concern, rising COVID-19 cases and a growing strain on the health-care system, the Manitoba government is taking additional steps to help curb the spread of the virus in the fourth wave of the pandemic by introducing new health restrictions effective Tuesday, December 21st.

The new restrictions include:

  • -private indoor gatherings are limited to 10 additional people plus the household if all are fully vaccinated (youth aged 12 and under are exempt);
  • -private indoor gatherings are limited to five additional people plus the household if any of the individuals are eligible but unvaccinated (youth aged 12 and under are exempt);
  • -indoor and outdoor sporting and recreation capacity is reduced to 50 per cent for spectators, while games and practices can continue no tournaments will be permitted;
  • -large group gatherings will be limited to 50 per cent capacity with proof of immunization;
  • -gyms, movie theatres, museums and libraries are limited to 50 per cent capacity with proof of immunization required everywhere except libraries;
  • -restaurants and licensed premises are limited to 50 per cent capacity and seated service only with a maximum of 10 people per table and proof of immunization required; and
  • -faith-based gatherings are limited to 50 per cent capacity with proof of vaccination, or 25 per cent capacity or a total of 25 people, whichever is lower, when proof of vaccination is not required.

The orders go into effect on Tuesday, Dec. 21 at 12:01 a.m. and expire on Jan. 11, 2022. The updated orders keep the Pandemic Response System at Restricted (Orange) with schools at Caution (Yellow).

All other public health orders remain unchanged. For more information on the new restrictions, click here.

Impact on Residential Construction:

Collectively, Manitoba’s residential construction industry must continue to take as many preventative measures as possible to help protect their employees and help ensure business continuity against COVID-19.

The MHBA recommends that all members continue to implement these fundamental measures, whether in your offices, showrooms, worksites or show homes.

Show Home Operations:

All builders with show homes are required to ensure all visitors wear masks while inside their show homes.

Additionally, the MHBA is recommending all members to continue implementing the show home health measures implemented during our 2021 Fall Parade of Homes to best protect visitors and your sales agents. These include:

  • -Limit the number of people in the show home to a maximum of 5 people (including the sales agent) at a time;
  • -Ensure proper contact tracing of all visitors is being done by having them complete the pre-screening declaration form;
  • -Ensure all visitors properly sanitize their hands upon entry;
  • -Keep visits to no longer than 15-20 minutes;
  • -Sanitize high touch areas of the show homes frequently.

Further information and the pre-screening declaration form can be found here.

Preventative Measures:

The MHBA reminds members that your continued vigilance in taking the appropriate steps to ensure proper preventative measures are vitally important at this time. All Manitobans 12 years of age and older are eligible to be vaccinated, so please encourage your staff to consider getting fully vaccinated (including boosters) as soon as possible if they have not already done so.

The MHBA recommends that all members continue to implement these fundamental measures, whether in your offices, showrooms, worksites or show homes.

  • -Remember the fundamentals! If any employee or trade has any flu-like symptoms, no matter how minor, have them stay home;
  • -Return to limiting the number of trades working at one time on your worksites and have your trades strictly adhere to this directive; 
  • -Refresh your onsite signage regarding mask wearing and employee screening as a reminder for all staff to remember the fundamentals while on the worksite;
  • -Renovator and builder members should ensure work crews/warranty and service teams are implementing a customer pre-screening process before working in occupied homes;
  • -Practice social distancing measures in all of your workplaces and worksites;
  • -Keep hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes stocked and available if possible;
  • -Have workers sanitize their hands frequently during the day;
  • -Disinfect frequently used surfaces (Door knobs, countertops, handrails, etc.) on a regular basis;
  • -Post signage at entrances to worksites, your business and show home/rooms asking those who have recently travelled internationally or those who have any flu-like symptoms to not enter;
  • -Avoid greetings that involve touching, including shaking hands;
  • -Wash your hands properly and frequently; and
  • -Provide disposable towels/napkins should people wash their hands in your show home/workplace. Please do not use reusable (regular) towels in your bathrooms.
MHBA COVID-19 Resources for Members:
As the COVID-19 event continues to unfold, the MHBA has set up a dedicated web page, https://www.homebuilders.mb.ca/mhba-covid-19-resource-page/, to ensure you have quick access to important information necessary to help you and your businesses navigate this tumultuous time.  
This dedicated page includes links to the MHBA’s COVID-19 updates, plus a variety of health and business resources and will be updated as new information and resources are made available. We will still continue providing updates to you via email as new information becomes available to keep you as informed as possible.
CSAM has also updated its resource page with additional information. You can visit the CSAM page at https://www.constructionsafety.ca/covid-19-and-manitobas-construction-industry/