The MHBA continues to carefully monitor the situation surrounding the spread of the coronavirus in Manitoba.

Following discussions with the MHBA Executive Committee and based on advice from governments and their public health agencies regarding the presence and risk of COVID-19, the MHBA is taking the following steps:

Events and Meetings:

  • – The upcoming March 18th Breakfast Technical Session has been postponed and tentatively rescheduled for April 29th, 2020. Detailed information on the event will be sent to those who have registered for the March 18th breakfast.
  • – The Spring Parade Reception remains scheduled for April 24th, 2020. We will monitor the ongoing situation very closely and will notify members immediately should there be any change to the status of this event.
  • – All MHBA Committee and Board meetings will continue as scheduled, but will be held via conference call rather than in person meetings. Meeting details will be provided to directly all committee members.
  • – We have not been informed of any changes to or cancellation of the upcoming Winnipeg Home and Garden Show. We will inform our volunteers at the MHBA Ask a Renovator Booth of any changes or updates to this event directly.

Parade of Homes:

At this current time, we are not anticipating any changes in terms of the status of the Parade of Homes or the operation of show homes. Should this change, the MHBA will immediately notify our members directly.

Should builders decide to close their Parade show home as a precaution, there will be no penalties assessed by the MHBA for doing so.

If you decide to close your Parade show home, please notify the MHBA and the developer of the closure. We ask that you also display signage that indicates your show home is closed. All of this is to help avoid confusion from potential customers who are visiting during regular Parade Hours.

Preventative Measures:

There are a number of preventative measures that the MHBA recommends all of our members implement, whether in your offices, showrooms, or show homes.

We are recommending that you implement the following best practices:

  • – Keep hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes stocked and available if possible;
  • – Disinfect frequently used surfaces (Door knobs, countertops, handrails, etc.) on a regular basis;
  • – Avoid greetings that involve touching, including shaking hands;
  • – Wash your hands frequently; and
  • – Provide disposable towels/napkins should people wash their hands in your show home. Please do not use reusable (regular) towels in your show home bathrooms.

ATTACHED for your information is poster that you can use to help better inform your staff. Please pass this information along to your staff and sales agents.

Please be assured that the health and safety of our members, visitors, and staff is of utmost importance to us.

We appreciate your patience as this is a quickly evolving situation. The MHBA will continue to keep you informed as soon as new information becomes available.