By: Lanny McInnes

Wish lists and the holiday season go hand in hand. With Christmas upon us and the start of a new year only days away, it’s the perfect time to look forward to see what to expect the hottest home design trends will be next year and what will be on your home design wish list for 2018.
Last month, Houzz, the home renovation and design platform announced its predictions for the top home design trends in 2018 based on its community’s activity. Here’s what the company is predicting will be the top ten trends for the coming year:

1. More colour in kitchens. While white will always be a classic color for kitchens, Houzz is predicting that homeowners will personalize their space by adding bits of color, especially neutrals like blue and gray. Warm wood tones like mahogany are also expected to replace painted cabinets.

2. Say goodbye to white or stainless sinks. Houzz says designers will rely more on concrete, stone, copper and granite composite sinks in darker hues of gray, bronze or black rather than the traditional white or stainless steel sinks.

3. Warm colour throughout the home. Not just limited to the kitchen, Houzz is predicting home owners will be integrating warm, earthy colours throughout the home. Reds, warm grays and earthy shades of camel, rust, tobacco, brown-blacks and burnt yellow are expected to be the top colour choices for 2018.

4. Trough or bucket sinks. Houzz predicts that farmhouse-style home design trends will continue to be popular in 2018 and as a result trough or bucket style sinks will become increasingly popular.

5. Vintage lighting. Houzz states homeowners are finding vintage-style fixtures, such as aged copper pendant lights, more and more popular.

6. Concrete accents. Concrete has always been a popular material choice, but homeowners are expected to showcase it through furniture, decorative accessories and wallcoverings.

7. Floral prints are back. Houzz suggests that big, bold, botanical floral prints are trending as a hot design feature for 2018.

8. Millwork feature walls. Millwork panels and reclaimed wood boards are expected to continue to grow as a popular alternative to paint and wallpaper not just in the traditional bathrooms and kitchens, but as feature walls in spaces like the bedroom.

9. Wallpaper-like backsplash. Houzz predicts that homeowners will opt for tile that looks like wood, concrete, resin, fabric and even wallpaper. This adds a visual punch while keeping the ease of cleaning a tile backsplash.

10. Casual and calm modern bedrooms. Homeowners want to relax and rest in the master bedroom and are opting for a minimalist look centered around soft neutrals, delicate fabrics and simple, functional furniture.

Happy Holidays from everyone at the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association and all the best to you and yours in 2018!