Building with MHBA members always your best bet

By Lanny McInnes
Date Posted: October 29, 2022

Building a new home is one of the largest investments a family will makes in its lifetime. Needless to say, doing your due diligence when selecting the right builder is critically important when a family is making this type of major investment. So how do you know you’re dealing with a reputable builder with a track record of strong performance? The starting point of any search for hiring a new home builder in Manitoba should be visiting the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association’s website at and searching our member directory. Building with an MHBA builder member just makes sense, and here’s why.

MHBA members adhere to association-set standards, maintaining the highest level of industry knowledge, and ensuring a safe job environment for all. MHBA members also adhere to our code of ethics, and agree to:

— comply with all applicable building codes for construction and shall work toward its improvement in the interests of structural sufficiency, safety and health.

— plan their sites and homes to conform to the principles of good community planning.

— deal justly with their employees, contractors and suppliers.

— deal honestly and fairly with their customers.

— cooperate to extend the effectiveness of the Association by exchanging information and experience and encouraging research on materials and techniques in order to provide the best value for their customers.

— uphold the principle of appropriate and adequate compensation for services which they render.

avoid all conduct or practices detrimental to the home building industry, to the Association, to the good name, or reputation of any of its members or to customers.

MHBA members take pride in using leading technologies, products and knowledge to ensure your home will be built to meet the highest industry and government standards and legislation, and will maintain a higher value over time. For 85 years, MHBA members have built a strong reputation as industry professionals who meet the highest standards. Most of our members have been in business 10 years or more, so you can have peace of mind knowing that their proven track records and references mean the promise of reliability.

MHBA members adhere to the latest safety standards and codes to ensure building and renovating projects are handled properly by reliable industry professionals, all working to the same standards, to protect our members and provide you with peace of mind. All MHBA builders are COR or SECOR certified by the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba. All homes built by MHBA builders are covered under warranty through a third-party new home warranty provider.

Because the MHBA represents only top-quality home builders, renovators, and industry suppliers, you can be confident knowing that the MHBA building professionals working in your home are trustworthy and follow the latest residential construction industry best practices. MHBA seminars, conferences, workshops, and training programs such as our Master Builder and Master Renovator certification programs, provide MHBA builders with up-to-date training and certifications that contractors who aren’t MHBA members simply won’t have.

More information and helpful videos on how to hire a new home builder or renovator can be found at

Lanny McInnes is the President & CEO of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association.